Killer Haunts - The Serialholic - E37
Criminal AFJuly 31, 2023x

Killer Haunts - The Serialholic - E37

Dave JarryDave JarryHost
Garrett CourterGarrett CourterHost

Killer ghosts? You be the judge as we discuss some seriously creepy happenings in the locations where serial killers once resided…and killed. 


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Executive Producers for this episode are Christine Rivera, Beth Davis, and Dusty Jay Hicks.


Associate Producers are Paul Hodge, Laura Shinn, Shantal Daggett, Brooke Morgan, Jay Rollings, Terri Burke Wolin, Tara Mazur and Bethany Cooper.


Producers are JD, Trent Gobble, Emily White, Devin Dean, Lissa Porrello, Alicia Knight, Maria Selene, Kris Owen, Justin Wear, Elizabeth Plus 4, Jan O’Donnell and Beth Esselmann.

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This story was Written, Edited and Narrated by David Jarry

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