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Criminal AF

An unfiltered, interactive podcast.

Dave JarryDave JarryHost
Garrett CourterGarrett CourterHost

A true crime podcast that blends unfiltered, interactive conversation with narrative storytelling.

Join Dave and Garrett as they break down and discuss each chapter of the story as well as add a few stories of their own.


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#LYTD - 025
Criminal AFMarch 15, 2023x

#LYTD - 025

Love You To Death Can one person be held criminally responsible for another taking their own life? In 2017, the State of Massachusetts said they sure the fuck can in the groundbreaking case of Massachusetts v Carter where a young woman was convicted of manslaughter over the self-inflicted death of h...

Love on the Rocks - 024
Criminal AFMarch 02, 2023x

Love on the Rocks - 024

For these women, life took an unexpected turn. What they learned about the men of their dreams, threw lives into chaos. Criminal AF tells the stories of the unspoken victims of Robert Yates, Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader and Ted Bundy...their wives and girlfriends. PLUS: Florida Man o...

Nightstalk THIS!!! - 023
Criminal AFFebruary 21, 2023x

Nightstalk THIS!!! - 023

In the early 1980s, The Nightstalker had the people from San Francisco to Los Angeles and all points in between living in fear. By the time he was captured by an enraged mob, there were 14 people dead and dozens more left to deal with the wake of his wrath. PLUS: Does a 9-Year-Old know the differenc...

FYI...It Wasn't The Sausage - 022
Criminal AFFebruary 13, 2023x

FYI...It Wasn't The Sausage - 022

For many people in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, the thought of the horrific odor enveloping their homes could only be coming from the local butcher shop. The source of the smell, however, would only be found in their darkest nightmares. PLUS: Florida Criminal Masterminds and R...

The Toy Box - 021
Criminal AFFebruary 06, 2023x

The Toy Box - 021

A man in New Mexico spent $100,000 dollars to convert a box trailer into a soundproof sex chamber. But what really went on inside, is not for the weak at heart. * THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY WARNINGS * This episode consists of extreme content of a sexual nature. Listener Discretion is advised. PLUS: A...


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