LYTD - The Manslaughter of Conrad Roy
Criminal AFAugust 07, 202301:11:16

LYTD - The Manslaughter of Conrad Roy

Dave JarryDave JarryHost
Garrett CourterGarrett CourterHost
Can one person be held criminally responsible for another taking their own life? In 2017, the State of Massachusetts said they sure the fuck can in the groundbreaking case of Massachusetts v Carter where a young woman was convicted of manslaughter over the self-inflicted death of her alleged boyfriend. We will discuss their two-year relationship and the key moment in which the prosecution says made her liable for his death.

This episode of Criminal AF contains serious subject matter relating to mental health and suicide. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, please seek help through a licensed professional therapist. If you are having thoughts of suicide, call your region鈥檚 emergency service number immediately. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, you matter, and you are loved.