MANSON - The Family - Part 1
Criminal AFMarch 14, 202301:18:12

MANSON - The Family - Part 1

Dave JarryDave JarryHost
Garrett CourterGarrett CourterHost
On the nights of August 9th and August 10th, 1969, 4 members of a cult known as The Family, brutally murdered 7 innocent people, leaving a scene so chaotic, authorities had trouble connecting the murders, despite their similarities. The true motives for these heinous crimes have led to numerous conspiracies and theories. In this episode, we introduce the inner circle of The Family and their leader, Charles Manson.

PLUS: Who in their right mind would threaten the lives of their family for not buying them aerosol cans to huff? A Florida Man, that’s who.

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Intro and Outro Music by David Mercurio

Music for Florida Person of the Day – Riverboat Rambler by Bo the Drifter and all other music licensed through Epidemic Sound.

Famous Trials – The Charles Manson Trial – By Professor Douglas O. Linder
Who would Marry Chalres Manson? – Oprah Daily – Samantha Vincety
All In The Family: The Ultimate Manson Family Timeline – The Gangter Report – Scott Burnstein

Executive Producers for this episode are Christine Rivera, Beth Davis and Dusty Jay Hicks.

Associate Producers are Paul Hodge, Noah Schultz, Brooke Morgan, Terri Burke Wolin and Bethany Cooper.

Producers are Stephen Day, Trent Gobble, JD Driscoll, Devin Dean, Shantal Cieslak, Jan O'Donnell, Jessica Lloyd, Lissa Porrello, Jennie Crawford, Alicia Knight, Laura Shinn, Maria Selene and Beth Esselmann.

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